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The world is experiencing a time which holds no precedent, we are facing challenges and creating opportunities at rates never seen before. In times like these it is important to have a trusted, clear and reliable voice that can add value to your understanding by making sense of the data and who can also provide the resources and access to those who can make a difference to you and your mission.


The UK is getting ever closer to the BREXIT deadline of the 29th March 2019. Many have their eye on what is seen as the most important time in modern UK history. How the government handling the process? what are the main issues facing the BREXIT process and is their appitaitue for a second referendum? 

These questions and more are asked and answered in the latest interview of our Director Klisman Murati on RT. Click the video to the left to watch the full 3 minute interview.

Date: 21st September 2018

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Our relationship with space has grown increasingly closer, with opportunities to use space to benefit the world growing in tandem to our abilities to use space as an extension of the industrial military complex. The technological abilities of powers such as the United States, China, and Russia amongst others are at a level where debates on outer space sovereignty and military capability must be highlighted and brought to the forefront of policy debates in order to create a legal framework and a code of conduct to encompass these new capabilities. 

Date: 21th August 2018


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