About Pangaea Wire

Pangaea Wire is a London based specialist consultancy which provides bespoke research and analysis as well as public speaking services on some of the biggest and most important changes and challenges in the world of business, technology, government and defence. We focus on four key areas including: Globalisation, Political Risk, Anti-Money Laundering and Outer Space. Our goal is to help clients in the private and public sector understand, manage and navigate these global challenges.

We are able to take on a wide range of assignments, including but not limited to:

  • Due diligence on the political risks to investments by international companies.
  • Country risk assessments for investors, exporters and contractors, usually involving consideration of a range of political, economic, social and commercial factors.
  • The production of white papers and thought leadership.
  • Expert briefings on the implications of current political developments.
  • Investigative research on new financial technology and its impact on the fight against money laundering.
Political Risk

Why Commission Analysis

Clients usually come to Pangaea Wire for one or more of the following reasons:

To answer a specific question

Many clients want analysis of a topic about which there is little to no information in the public domain or the available information is not in a form which can be easily processed.

To demonstrate due diligence

Many investors and companies around the world need to show that they have commissioned independent research to satisfy the requirements of shareholders and creditors.

To test existing theories

Some clients are keen to test or augment analysis by their own risk managers and research teams by commissioning an outside expert to re-think their assumptions.

To stimulate strategic thinking

Some clients want to engage an outside expert to draw attention to risks and opportunities in their sector which they may not have previously considered.


Our network of consultants and analysts come from a variety of region and from a range of different backgrounds including government, policy, finance, academia and journalism. 

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